Why Intranets Fail: 5 Common Intranet Challenges To Overcome

Why do intranets fail?

Challenge #1: Lack of personalization

Challenge #2: Ineffective search functionality

  • Produces relevant search results based on user’s preferences, successful searches, and other user data collected
  • Provides smart suggestions, filtering, geospatial search, and auto-complete feature
  • Connects all external and internal apps and unifies organization-wide data to provide a wholesome search experience
  • Transforms image and video data into searchable content

Challenge #3: Lack of information discoverability

  • Ingest — bringing data together from first and third-party applications using pre-built connectors and integrations
  • Enrich — data collected in phase one is analyzed, enriched with the right metadata, and classified with the right tags
  • Explore — cognitive enterprise search engines replace traditional search engines and connect all internal and external apps to provide access to enterprise-wide content. These search engines deliver contextual and personalized results based on the users’ profiles.

Challenge #4: Broadcasting targeted messages

Challenge #5: Intranet is siloed from other digital workplace tools

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