Getting Ready for the Hybrid Workplace: The New Normal of Work

What is a hybrid workplace?

Working in the new normal — Key Considerations and Essentials

  • How should we re-engineer our operating models to ensure work gets done?
  • How to ensure remote worker productivity?
  • How to empower remote workers with the same experiences or better ones than those at the workplace?
  • How to optimize the work-allocation and work-execution processes?
  • How to improve communication and collaboration between office and remote workers?

The Need To Adopt Digital

  • Application integration — Access everyday applications like Office 365, SAP, Workday, ServiceNow etc. on a single user interface.
  • Personalization — Personalized content recommendations based on the users’ profile, interactions, teams, interests, etc.
  • Smart content repository — AI-enabled solution that creates a smart content repository with auto-tagging, uncluttered information, and powerful auto search.
  • Communication and collaboration — Mesh enables top-down and bottom-up communications. Core collaboration and social features like blogs, groups conferencing, project management tools, document sharing tools are available in a unified interface.
  • Idea management SharePoint based idea management tool for employees to collaborate and come up with ideas, solutions to business challenges. Gamification based idea capturing adds to the fun quotient.
  • Cognitive enterprise search — A unified search engine with which users can find information across all applications

Get Started

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Poonam Chug

Poonam Chug

Global Presales & Solutions Specialist | Digital Workplace, Acuvate Software